Sacs Agreement

b) Any payment of a given annual paid leave is subject to a separate agreement in accordance with point 31.5 above. If private funds are released, they can be spent in any way determined by the organization. When public funds are released, they can only be spent in accordance with the grant agreement. A: Grant agreements submitted to eligible organizations provide details on whether organizations should complete a funding return, an unaudited financial payment or an audited financial acquittal to inform the government that the additional compensation has been paid to cover the costs of equal reimbursement. Organizations should maintain appropriate records that would satisfy their auditors for the necessary expenses. When an organization does not use auditors, it must keep accurate records in accordance with its current grant agreement. l) Once a casual worker has been converted to full-time or part-time employment, the worker can only return to casual employment with the written agreement of the employer. b) Any amount of overtime worked by a worker during a specified period of pay and considered free time instead of paying the worker must be subject to a separate agreement in accordance with point 28.2. Note 1: In accordance with Section 344 of the Fair Work Act, an employer may not exert undue influence or undue pressure on a worker to enter into an agreement in accordance with point 31.5.

A: Eligible organizations funded by the Australian government receive a supplement in accordance with their grant agreement. In calculating the amount of additional funding obtained by an organization, the government examines: b) when a worker has an excessive leave limit, the employer or worker may try to talk to the other and try to reach an agreement on how to reduce or eliminate excessive leave delimitation. Where employers and workers have reached an agreement under item 30A.2 on a change in work regimes different from that originally requested by the worker, the employer must send the worker a written response to his or her request, along with a description of the agreed changes to the work regimes.