Licence Agreement Wiley

If the work is done by an author as an employee of a company, the copyright is held by the company. An authorized signatory to the company must therefore sign the agreement. If you are an Amgen employee, please download a copy of the company`s addendum from the link below and return your signed license agreement with the endorsement: Companies for which Wiley publishes may opt for another policy. Wiley will continue to inform companies of all discussions on service agreements and article processing, appropriate confirmations with quotes and links to the final version published on the publisher`s website, as well as clear licensing conditions for the use of copyrighted material. Copyright licenses describe the rights to publish, disseminate and use research. Wiley`s authors must sign a license agreement before publication. Read the author`s guidelines for your selected journal for details on the journal`s specific copyright agreement. Guarantee of permission to multiply the numbers/tables of an already published article: You must ensure that you have obtained permission from the copyright holder or the exclusive licensee to reproduce in the article all the material that is not yours and that you have provided full confirmation of the source. In most cases, the Original Edition Rights Department or the Journal`s editorial board will inform you of the exact form of the words required.

This is usually a complete reference to the original publication and a confirmation that the material is reproduced with the permission of the rights holder. Wiley is the signatory of an agreement signed by the majority of scientific, technical and medical (STM) publishers that the participating publishers do not collect reciprocal royalties for copyright reproduction. These guidelines address the reuse of a small number of figures and tables of magazine articles without authorization, and a number of major STM publishers have signed up for this purpose. For more information, see the authorisation guidelines of the International Association of Publishers stm.