Due To Agreement Po Polsku

The joint committee that will implement the agreement has already met in June. Posiedzenie wsp-lnej komisji, kt`ra ma realizowa umowa, odby`o sié jué w czerwcu. “We wanted to give everyone more time to come to an agreement.” It is clear that this framework agreement on data protection is urgently needed. Istnieje pilna potrzeba podpisania tej umowy ramowej w sprawie ochrony danych. Significant revisions not agreeing to the date po polsku or more your license key of disgruntled creditors, as exists 1. (determining grammatical diffraction on the basis of words) Consensus, consensus, synonim consensus: concord2. (the explanation (oral or written) of an exchange of promises”, they had an agreement not to interfere in the affairs of the other “there was an agreement between management and workers” porozumienie: synonim: understanding3. (Harmony of opinions or actions or characters “both parties agreed”) zgoda, consensual, consensual, jednota, consensus: synonim: agreement4. (Harmony of opinions or actions or characters “both parties agreed”) zgoda, ead, harmonia, zgodno, jedno, harmonijnoa: synonim: accord5.

(the verbal act of the agreement) zgodzenie sié, przyznanie, podzielenie, uznanie :: Intelligent. It`s fast. Andretti reportedly paid an annual storage fee of $1.5 million for propulsion. In other cases, a flat fee is paid to developers. The ex-wife orders the company to transfer the money to an account abroad, net of storage costs. “Well, Della, our visitor seems to have been financially able to pay maintenance costs.” As part of the conservation agreement with Mr. Elhauge, for example, the Assembly agreed to pay $350 an hour, plus fees. Storage fees are advances paid for maintaining the benefits of a professional advisor. And you get full combat prizes, with a guaranteed six-month contract; In addition, I have a discretionary conservation right to offer.

It took a reserve system in which men received training and conservation rights to be ready for military service if necessary. For the first time, you and I are in complete agreement. Po raz pierwszy w éyciu, ty i ja ca`kowicie sié zgadzamy. n zgoda, umowa, ukadbiz. Economic agreement – umowa gospodarczabiz. Trade agreement – ukad handlowyin agreement with… – zgodnie z… Biz. cancel a contract – uniewa-denied umow-biz. reach a deal – zavrsea umova In return, the White House seems to have drawn up an agreement to extend benefits for the long-term unemployed. For all these reasons, I ask you to support this agreement.

Z tych wszystkich powodew, proszé Paéstwa o poparcie tego porozumienia. With this week`s employment contract, the city employed about two-thirds of its workforce under contract contracts. No. 1. umowa, uzgodnienie2. ugoda, porozumienieagreement between the abstract and the account zgodnoé wyciégu z rachunkiem Agreement clause klauzula umowy agreement establishing an association uk`ad ustanawiaj`cy stowarzyszenie agreement for exclusiveness umowa wy`cznoéci agreement in por porozumienie co do zasadagrement in w agreement on commercial aspects of intellectual property rights Porozumienie w sprawie handlowych aspect`wraw w`asno`ci Accord Procedure EU procedura zgodnoéci agreement for sale around the sale agreement na sprzeda` agreement for delivery umowa na dostawé according to the agreement zgodnie z umow-amalgamtion Agreement umowa o fuzjiannexe zu agreement aneks do umowyarbitration agreement umowa o arbitra`uarticles of the agreement paragrafy umowybasis of the agreement pod umowybilateral agreement umowa dwustronnabinding agreement umowa wi`cato violation of agreement naruszenie umowy to break an agreement z`amow`brokerage agreement umowa makler umo agreement umowa handlowacompensation agreement umowa kompensacyjnacontrary to agreement niezgodny z umow`cooperation agreement umowa o wsp`pracycrealing agreement umowa rozliczeniowacredit agreement umowa kredytowaeconomic agreement umowa gospodarczaexpiration of agreement wyga`genécie Accord umowa o sprzeday ratalnejinter agreement umowa tymczasowalease agreement umowa o dzier`aw-lend agreement umowa o po`yczk`licensing agreement umowa licencyjnamerger agreement umowa o po`czeniumultilateral agreement umowa wielostronnapartnership agreement