Agreement Pharmaceutical Companies

This alliance allows pharmaceutical and biotech companies to choose a new drug distribution option in early animal toxicology and clinical trials, which present a challenge for drug distribution that cannot be solved by conventional approaches. AAIPharma develops and manufactures medicines. Intermediate drug manufacturing is carried out by CritiTech. The two companies are linked by AAIPharma`s first-rate project management know-how. “We are very pleased with the successful outcome of our first IAP and plan to work with our customers in the coming months to bring several additional products to market,” said Rick Hancock, President of Althea Technologies. “Our entire team is very pleased to have taken this important step. This performance is the result of a thoughtful and careful investment in the development of our quality systems, facilities and operational capabilities in a climate that has been a challenge for many companies in our sector. From large pharmaceutical companies to small specialized units, contract manufacturing serves as a strategy for various players in the sector. The main drivers of market growth are ongoing cost-cutting efforts, the outsourcing of non-core activities by pharmaceutical companies, and a growing number of specialized and biotech companies that do not have internal production capacity.

The contract pharmaceutical market will continue to grow as companies reduce costs to compensate for the problems associated with changes in pharmaceutical productivity. Outsourced non-nuclear activities include manufacturing and product/process optimization companies. Bayer Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Services` mission is to provide its manufacturing partners with the unmatched quality and compliance that bayer has associated with the last century. The company strives to achieve the pharmaceutical manufacturing objectives of its partners by offering a diversified and flexible operation, managed by project managers and pharmaceutical manufacturing professionals. Boehringer Ingelheim RCV GmbH – Co. KG, one of the world`s leading biopharmaceutical manufacturers, and Biomay announced on 1 February 2010 a cooperation in the contract manufacture of BMP-based plasmid DNA. The alliance includes the transfer of Boehringer Ingelheim`s plasmid DNA manufacturing technology to biomay sites. Each company coordinates the marketing activities of its plasmid DNA services. Some companies prefer to put a new product on the internal market in order to maintain maximum control over the process, and then choose to outsource later once they have become familiar with the potential risk management of the product.

As part of the new pacts, companies have modified and expanded their existing commercial supply of recombinant human hyaluronidase, rHuPH20, which are used in two of the products marketed by Halozyme. The companies have entered into a new trade pact for other rHuPH20 products. “Alkermes plc`s decision to establish its headquarters in Ireland is further evidence of the country`s continued ability to attract companies like Alkermes to growth areas for the creation of Ireland,” said John Perry, TD, Minister of State for Small Business. “Today`s announcement shows that Ireland is very open to business and is an excellent site for launching multinational business operations. The announcement of a new contract for the Athlone plant is an indication of its success in successful innovation and high-quality manufacturing. GlaxoSmithKline entered into a long-term strategic contract with McLaren Group in September 2011. The partnership, which will initially continue until 2016, brings together two UK companies focused on innovation and research in the high-tech field.